Compulsory Earthquake Insurance in 9 Steps
1. A State Assurance against Earthquakes
Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is a guarantee offered by the state. It insures dwellings against earthquakes and disasters such as fire, explosion, landslides and tsunami directly caused by earthquakes.
2- It's Easy to Own
Homeowners, who want to secure the future of their homes and families, can go to the nearest insurance agency or bank branch to obtain their insurance. Anyone, who declares their home address and identity information, can become a policyholder.
3. Monthly Premiums in line with a Purchasing Power
The premium amounts of the policies which are issued annually are calculated according to the type of construction of a dwelling, its gross area, its year of construction, number of floors and the risk group of the neighborhood in which it is located. The TCIP takes care to maintain the premium amount at a level which all citizens can afford.
4. Discounts
Policyholders who renew their policy each year benefit from the renewal discount. Discounts or surcharges are applied in accordance with the construction date and the number of floors.
5. Starting a New Life
The policyholder first applies to the ALO DASK 125 Call Center when their home is damaged in an earthquake. They only have to provide their policy and/or national ID number, full address and telephone number of the dwelling damaged by the earthquake to open a claim follow-up file.
6. Quick Damage Detection
Once the claim by the insured party has been submitted, the TCIP Loss Adjuster visits the insured dwellings, where the damage is assessed as soon as possible and the compensation amount is determined.
7. Losses Covered in a Short Time
The compensation amount is sent by the TCIP to the nearest bank branch on behalf of the beneficiary named in the title deed in the shortest time possible.
8. Rapid Recovery after Earthquakes
Compulsory Earthquake Insurance holders have the opportunity to quickly and easily recover material losses to their homes caused by earthquakes. This vital opportunity allows life to resume within a short space of time.
9. The Earthquake Passes, Life Goes On
Compulsory Earthquake Insurance helps you secure your future and your loved ones. Not only that, in a potential earthquake disaster, you also mediate in the "rebirth" of light in the lives of others.
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