About the TCIP

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is our social responsibility.

Established in 2000, the Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (the TCIP) is a public institution with a legal identity responsible for the acquisition of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance by the public, its implementation and its management in our country.

The TCIP aims to ensure that citizens are able to safely resume their lives following an earthquake, based on the approach of "Earthquake will pass, life will go on". Compulsory Earthquake Insurance provides financial security to insured home owners against earthquakes and any fire, explosion, landslide and tsunami risks caused by an earthquake. Whether the building becomes uninhabitable or is partially damaged, the TCIP compensates for damages to the building as quickly as possible and mediates in bringing life to normal.

While the TCIP expands the prevalence of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance with its distribution network consisting of insurance companies, their affiliated agencies and bank branches throughout the country, it also aims to ensure that everyone has access to this insurance at low premium costs.

Supporting its insurance activities with public awareness activities, the TCIP underlines that Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is above all a social responsibility for all of us.

As earthquakes have been the most common type of disaster in our country over the last 60 years, the incidence of earthquakes is not unexpected in our country, which is almost entirely located in an earthquake zone. Moreover, due to their nature, earthquakes are a type of disaster which not only has reverberations on the region but also the country’s economy.

While Compulsory Earthquake Insurance provides residential security on an individual basis, it also seeks to create a guarantee pool for our country. This financial pool, which has gained importance especially since the Marmara earthquake, also serves as a guarantee for those in need during earthquakes which occur elsewhere, even if earthquakes do not occur where we live.

The TCIP, which allows us to provide effective aid to earthquake zones, while providing our own assurance, considers spreading the awareness of social solidarity as its main responsibility.

The Purpose of the TCIP

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is a guarantee system to cover the material losses caused by an earthquake in the building where you live. On this basis, it aims to ensure that life can continue at the basic standards which prevailed prior to the earthquake.

It is possible to list the main objectives of this system, which was created with the cooperation of the State and the insurance industry, in order to meet the requirements in the fastest and most effective way:


  • Assuring all housing under coverage against earthquakes with payable premiums
  • Ensuring risk sharing within the country
  • Distributing the financial liability, which earthquake damage may bring to our country, to international reinsurance and capital markets through insurance.
  • Reducing the financial burden of the State resulting from earthquakes, especially from the construction of disaster houses after the earthquake.
  • Preventing the risk of additional taxes from being reflected to citizens arising from the financial burdens of the State.
  • Using the insurance system as an incentive tool in the construction of structurally sound buildings
  • Ensuring long-term accumulation of resources in covering earthquake damages
  • Contributing to the development of insurance and social solidarity awareness in society

Do not forget to purchase your Compulsory Earthquake Insurance so that we can achieve all of these objectives together in our country where we have to live with the reality of earthquakes, and to expand individual and country-wide assurance after the earthquake

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