Information and Documents Required for CEI

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is the assurance for our country against potential earthquake, as well as being the guarantee of our own future. For this reason, as an individual, it should be seen as a social responsibility for all of us.

The information and documents required to acquire the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance cover are as follows:

  • Insured's:
    • Name
    • Adress
    • Telephone
    • Mobile Phone
    • T.R. Identity Number
    • Tax Registration Number (for legal entities)
  • The Building's:
    • Address
    • Title Information
    • Construction Year
    • Building Style
    • Total Number of Floors
    • Damage Status
  • The Apartment's (flat's):
    • Gross Surface Area (m2)
    • Occupation

We would like to remind you that Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is fully based on declaration of the Insureds.

Material damages arising from fraudalent statement are not indemnifiable.