1) As is known, the article 11 of the Disaster Insurances Law numbered 6305 says "The related organization controls if there is a compulsory earthquake insurance in the water and electricity subscription transactions for buildings and independent areas included in the scope of the compulsory earthquake insurance".

2) In a general sense, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is an insurance system that is developed for the dwellings which are within the municipality's borders. The 10th article of the Disaster Insurances Law determines the buildings covered as follows: "Independent areas within the scope of the Property Ownership Law dated 23/6/1965 and numbered 634, buildings constructed as a dwelling on the immovable registered in the Land Registry Office and subject to private property, independent areas inside these buildings and used as a business organization, an office and for similar purposes and the dwellings constructed by government due to natural disasters or built with the loans provided are subject to the compulsory earthquake insurance.."

In spite of this, buildings belonging to public institutions, buildings constructed in the village residential areas (buildings constructed by those registered in the village birth registry office in the village residential areas and around and arable fields) and buildings used for non-residential purposes (buildings whose usage is not a dwelling is the land registration) even though being within the scope of the Property Ownership Law numbered 634 are not subject to the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance.

3) Compulsory Earthquake Insurance coverage is provided by the Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) and insurance policies are issued by authorized insurance companies and agencies of these companies and bank branches on behalf of TCIP.

4) The electricity subscription (connection contract) and subscriber change transactions (retail sales contract) of the buildings constructed as a dwelling on immovable and the dwellings constructed within the scope of the Property Ownership Law and subject to property ownership or apartment sharing are required to be completed after controlling if the Compulsory earthquake Insurance is taken out, or not. Without making this control, subscription cannot be completed.

a) Electronic inquiry (TCIP web service application): Policy details can be confirmed by making an inquiry in the electronic environment through web service offered by TCIP. You may ask for help for electronic inquiry via abone@dask.gov.tr. c) Making a transaction with the original policy. Those who do not prefer one of the above methods are required to request the original of the policy and make their transactions by confirming that their address information is correct on the policy.

6) After inquiry and confirmation, the policy number of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is obliged to be noted in the records of the electricity distribution company. All inquiries within one year will be made in the electronic environment over the TCIP web service specified in the (a) paragraph of the article 5 as of August 18, 2012.

7) It should be noted in all inquiries that the address in the policy records belongs to the dwelling where subscription is to be installed.

8) By the reason of that the buildings completely used for commercial or industrial purposes are not covered by the insurance, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is not required for the applications, the subscription address of which are mentioned as commercial buildings, business centers, administrative service buildings, education centers and likewise and the buildings whose construction is ongoing.

9) It is possible for the compulsory earthquake insurance to be provided by owners or beneficial owners or tenants. If the insurance is taken out by the tenant, T.R. Identity Number of the owner is specified in the policy and the tenant is mentioned as "insurant" and the owner as "insured". Insurance premium paid for the policies made in this way by the tenant can be collected from the owner or deducted from the rent.

10) For questions about the implementation, you can obtain information from "Hello TCIP 125" by phone or from abone@dask.gov.tr by e-mail.

For further information about TCIP a Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, please go to test.dask.gov.tr or call "Hello TCIP 125".


The compulsory earthquake insurance was put into effect in order to cover the damages to dwellings resulting from earthquake following the Marmara Earthquake that had occurred on August 17, 1999. 3) Compulsory Earthquake Insurance coverage is provided by the non-profit Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool having public legal entity and insurance policies can be issued by authorized insurance companies and agencies of these companies and bank branches on behalf of TCIP. Insurance companies assume the duty of intermediation while making earthquake insurance and the compensation is paid by TCIP in case of any damage.

Compulsory earthquake insurance can be made with any one of the following options:

Directly at the central offices of insurance companies, At any insurance agent, At any bank branch, On Internet Address details of insurance companies and agents from which on-line policy can be obtained on the web site of TCIP can be found at test.dask.gov.tr/zorunlu-deprem-sigortasi-online-zds-satis.html