Claim Notification Points

We would like to kindly request from the owners of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance to call the notification points given below for notifying the losses related to earthquake that are in the scope of cover.

With the information and guidance that you will receive from the notification points, your procedures - which are required for the assessment of your loss and its indemnification - will be implemented immediately.

Documents Required for Claim Notification

It does not matter whether your building is fully or partially damaged in order that you can benefit from TCIP's Compulsory Earthquake Insurance; an indemnity may be demanded for small or big losses, as well.

The information and documents required for the indemnification of you pecuniary losses - caused by earthquake and directly by fire, explosion, tsunami and landslide that occur after an earthquake – within the limits stipulated in your policy:

  • Claim Notification (with T.R. Identification or policy number)
  • Up-to-date Land Registry Information
  • Full Address of the Place where the loss occurred (in order to facilitate the sending of an loss adjuster and the assessment itself)
  • Insured's Telephone (Fixed and/or mobile phone)

Besides, if there is another insurance policy on the insured building - which contains earthquake indemnity - in addition to the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, TCIP must be informed about this issue.