Established in 2000, Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (TCIP) is legal entity which is responsible for provision, implementation and management of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance in our country.

By setting off from the approach of "Earthquake will pass and the life will go on", TCIP aims at the continuance of citizens' life safely after the earthquake from where it is left. With Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, insured house owners are provided with pecuniary assurance against earthquake and the risks of fire, explosion, landslide and tsunami following the earthquake. It mediates the normalization of life by indemnifying the building's damage immediately whether the building is inhabitable or partially damaged.

While improving the penetration of Compulsory Earthquake Insurance countrywide with a distribution network consisting of its partner insurance companies, their agencies and bank branches, TCIP aims at enabling everyone to have this assurance with its low premium costs.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is our social responsibility.

Supporting the insurance operations with events aimed at increasing public awareness, TCIP highlights that Compulsory Earthquake Insurance is our primary social responsibility.

The fact that earthquake has been the most experienced disaster in the last 60 years in our country is not a coincidence for us since almost all of our country is within an earthquake region. Moreover, this type of earthquake is not only able to affect the region, but also the country's economy, as well.

While providing housing insurance on the basis of individuals, the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance aims at creating an insurance pool for our country, as well. This financial pool – whose size is especially significant after an earthquake - provides guarantee for people in need because of the earthquakes which happen in other areas, not necessarily in the area where we are living.

Providing the opportunity to assist to the earthquake-stricken areas while providing our own assurance, TCIP deems that the dissemination of social cohesion consciousness is its primary responsibility.